Monday, May 20

The JN.1 variant dominates in EE. UU.

Despite experts, JN.1 doesn’t appear to have caused a major crash in most people, although up to one case it can make you feel “quite sick during three or four days,” Schaffner said. Symptoms of a JN.1 infection are similar to those that caused previous variants of covid, so they include fever, body pain and fatigue.

To protect yourself from serious infections and infirmary, experts continue to recommend the use of the mask, improve internal ventilation whenever possible, stay at home if you are sick and do the most effective vacuum cleaning against covid.

Preliminary investigations show that the updated vacuums against COVID-19 launched in September produce effective antiviruses against JN.1, which has a relationship, albeit lejana, with the XBB.1.5 variant, for which the vacuums were designed. People often don’t accumulate as much antitrust against the JN.1 as against the XBB.1.5, but, in all ways, the levels should reduce the risk.

“If anyone gets infected or receives a reflux dose recently, the protection against JN.1 should be fairly decent, following our laboratory studies,” said David Ho, a virologist at Columbia University who directed the study. the investigation into JN.1 and vacunas against covid, which is published as an article in preliminary version at the beginning of December. Rapid tests also continue to be a viable piece of equipment, and the CDC says tests that are already on the market work well at detecting the JN.1 variant.

There are indications that COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again. The week of December 10, there were just under 26,000 coronavirus-related hospitalizations, a 10 percent increase from the nearly 23,000 the previous week. But Covid hospitalization figures continue to be much smaller during the peak of the first hour of micron in the summer of 2022 and, so far, are only half of what they were during the peak of the ‘tripledemia’ of the past winter, when cases of COVID-19, flu and RSV occur at the same time.